Dealing With Life By Dumping Inches

Every girl has that moment when her life is:

a) Falling apart
b) Way too stressfull
c) Getting out of hand
d) Just ridiculously ridiculous
and you get to that point where randomly during the middle of a conversation about homework with a friend you randomly blurt out, “I’M CUTTING MY HAIR. All of it. Forever.”

Whether you decide to actually do it or not is dependent on the day, how stressed/upset/tired/angry/hungry you are, but for other adult-ish ladies at that mental point in their lives trying to figure out if a stress snip is worth it, I present to you a list of pros for each side of the debate that I made before deciding I needed to get rid of a couple of inches…instead of figuring out my life. And I can tell you, personally, I feel so much less weight on my shoulders. And I mean the things I was worried about are kind of still around, but, at least I look fabulous worrying about them.

Long hair:
•  Cute, messy buns on top of your head
•  Side ponytails (80s style)
•  Hair flipping (especially nervous hair flipping)
•  Looking sexy on top during sexytime (see above)
•  More likely to be an American Apparel model

Short hair:
•  Look cute constantly
•  Itty bitty buns
•  More room for neck kisses
•  Shorter hairs sticking on the shower walls
•  Not looking like 325 other girls on your college campus with wannabe American Apparel hairdos


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