A “How Do I Feed Myself” Post

You might find yourself staring at a bag of Green Giant green beans for more than a couple of minutes for a few reasons: maybe you’re trying to figure out how long ago you bought them. Maybe you’re just trying to figure out if the giant’s clothes are made of leaves or vegetables. On this particular night, I found myself staring at my green bean bag because I realized I had no idea what an actual serving of the stuff looks like. I mean, sure, it says 3/4 of a cup on the bag but what does that even mean? I’m a busy person! Scandal gets back from commercial in 30 seconds, I don’t have time to find a measuring cup! I need answers!

Seeing that I couldn’t tell you if a serving of green beans was a bowl full or a bathtub full, I decided to do some investigating and found this handy guide from naturalgrocers.com :


Now, not only do I know that I should be eating a baseball sized amount of green beans but I also know exactly how many baby carrots to bring to class to snack on. Or celery stalks if I want to chew a little quieter. Here’s to knowing exactly how much good stuff to put on my plate, leaving me enough time to get back to the tv.

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