2013 was an interesting year…

I switched to a new major (well, side-stepped really: public relations to Communications – does that even count?), failed a class…failed two classes, spent three hours a day in a classroom staring at biology slides. I saw a pig fetus (in the bio class, I swear), failed another class BUT simultaneously got A’s in the other classes I had that semester. I had long hair, I had shorter hair. I found a boyfriend, found my favorite shoes from high school, made friends, lost friends and upgraded to ios7 (probably the worst of it all). But most importantly – I turned 21. I’m an adult!


While I can legally purchase alcohol at the local grocery store and gamble the money I don’t spend at Safeway away, I realized that even though I knew most of the answers (because, hello, 21 year old here), I didn’t know all of them: “How do I know how much to put in a savings account?” “Do I really HAVE to dry clean this shirt…?” “What do you mean french fries aren’t dinner?”

I’m not an expert but that’s where this comes in. Here, I’ll be able to put together a manual of sorts on how to be an actual adult: a recipe box for dinners I can make that my parents would be proud of/actually want to eat, a giant thinking pad for adult situations like dealing with friends, dealing with school, dealing with money and figuring out how to order drinks at a bar without sounding like a nine-year-old trying to con candy out of their grandmother.

I have no idea how to be an adult but I like to think, with trial and error, that I’ll figure it out, if not for me, then for other adult-ish human beings.

It’ll be fun – because if we fail, we’re 21.
And we can buy booze.


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